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SeaBot XR

SeaBot XR is a leading agency for cutting edge learning products and services.  Our products and services cover the learning journey end-to-end to help organisations understand, underpin and maintain the competency requirements of their workforce, from hire to retire.


The company serves a wide variety of market segments implementing autonomy, including shipping, renewables, offshore oil and gas and aviation.


  • Skills Wallet – Digital Competency Management
  • Bespoke eLearning
  • Competency Assessment 


  • Training needs analysis
  • Curriculum development

Overview And Experience

SeaBot XR are specialists in the implementation of autonomy into the workplace, whether that be Decision Support Systems or Uncrewed Vehicles and Operations.

SeaBot XR provides the end to end journey to allow customers to develop their workforce to meet the challenges of the fast moving digital age.

We are fortunate to have professionals from numerous industries and specialities working together to combine their knowledge and experience to provide the cutting edge impact that our customers require.

With decades of experience in Maritime and Aviation training, Company Transformation and Change management, Software and Application design and deployment experience. SeaBot XR is able to work with any organisation and understand their needs in order to create the ideal solution to meet their individual challenges.


SeaBot XR works with customers to provide a variety of solutions.  Some small, some large but always to meet the specific need of the customer.

Projects range from:

  • Mobile eLearning application design and deployment
  • Deployment of competency management tools
  • Workplace standards design
  • Providing complete workforce transformation for large and complex organisations to realise the benefits of new technologies
  • Curriculum and Course Development


SeaBot XR believes that creating solutions requires a partnership between SeaBot XR and our customers. We do not simply provide a “one size fits all” approach, but look to provide the right solution for your business needs.

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Email: info@seabotxr.com

Winchester, United Kingdom

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